Untitled Film Still 35 – Cindy Sherman

Untitled-Film-Still-35 - Cindy Sherman

Why does Cindy Sherman’s photograph Untitled Film Still 35 looks so familiar?

– Soft core porn set the rules

– Stereotypes beware Cindy Sherman’s face

– Setting the stage for ankles in Untitled Film Still 35

80 Backs by Magdalena Abakanowicz

80 Backs

What’s the significance of the Magdalena Abakanowicz sculpture 80 Backs?

– Sacred space
– Different figures – all with the same form
– 80 Backs and zero heads

Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps

Napoleon-Leading-the-Army-over-the-Alps-kehinde wiley

What makes Kehinde Wiley’s painting Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps a masterpiece?

– Strategic opposition in casting
– War bleeds – Africa glitters gold
– The field of power reframed