WHO launched in Spring of 2019. Here I share my obsessions – Art and History. My greatest wish is to reach curious people who are interested in art. In my view, an open mind and eagerness to truly look are all it takes to appreciate fine art.

I created this site to serve as a quick reference. We’ve all gazed in wonder at a work of art – befuddled. Someday I hope can be of service for such moments. I offer possible explanations and passionate insights – in bite sized morsels.

I also hope to spark discussions and debates. It’s good, clean, fun to have thoughtful talks about what’s important. That’s the mission behind – to invigorate an interest in art for all. Art matters across a spectrum of people – age, gender, and race aren’t a factor. So, in my small way, I hope to make art more accessible and fun for everyone.


  • MASTERPIECES : This site launched soon after the death of Sister Wendy. Sister Wendy Beckett ignited my fascination with art history. I started this site to honor the work Sister Wendy did to democratize art for the masses. She did all this by simply sharing her passionate insights. The Sister’s humble brilliance inspired me to trust my own instincts and vision. Thus, there’s a little bit of the Sister in everything on, especially Masterpieces.

  • ART : Public art makes fine art free and accessible. It’s what makes living in New York City so special. Emerging artists keep art relevant and thrilling. Masterpieces remind us what art’s all about. Here LadyKflo shares bite-size insights for all kinds of art. Click ART for my reflections and fervor.

  • HISTORY : Historic sites illuminate stories from the past. Textbooks often forget female history makers. highlights the impact of great women through History with Ms Behavior. Thanks to vital connection with Historic Houses Trust I visit exclusive historic sites. Then I share the best stories from each place. My favorites focus on the lesser known heroes of history.

  • MOOD MUSEUM : Moods vary. But art lasts. LadyKflo loves Pinterest mood boards and all social media #mood posts. It’s like an unfurled secret, finding out how you feel. Even if just for a moment, a mood matters. Here are those moments – captured with art.

  • PODCASTS : Many posts offer an audio version for your listening pleasure. These are also available through Apple Podcasts. You can click through the Podcast category link on the homepage.


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