Marilyn (Vanitas) by Audrey Flack

Marilyn (Vanitas) by Audrey Flack

How did the 1977 painting Marilyn (Vanitas) help pioneer Superrealism/Photorealism?

– Time, death, and masks
– Candle in the Wind 1973 & 1977
– A real woman lost long ago

Object – Luncheon in Fur by Meret Oppenheim

Object- Luncheon in Fur--Meret-Oppenheim

How did the sculpture Object – Luncheon in Fur impact the art world?

– The MOMA’s broken glass ceiling
– Object – Luncheon in Fur: a rarity among men
– Give that lady a break (for a decade)

From Slavery Through Reconstruction – Aaron Douglas

From-Slavery-to-Reconstruction- Aaron-Douglas

What makes the Aaron Douglas painting From Slavery Through Reconstruction significant?

– Harlem Renaissance revival murals
– The watermarks of yesteryear teach us today
– Racism and Outcry in From Slavery Through Reconstruction

Floating Angel or Güstrower Memorial

War-Monument Sculpture by Ernst Barlach

What’s the story behind Ernst Barlach’s Floating Angel sculpture?

– Twofold path to serenity
– A complex gate encircles death
– Floating Angel makes a martyr of a man

The Night by Max Beckmann

The Night-by-max-beckmann

What makes The Night by Max Beckmann a masterpiece?

– War gusto tempered by trauma
– Angularity, violence, and absurdity in The Night
– Futurist art leads into the New Objectivity