Ms. Behavior – Sojourner Truth

Adri Norris – Sojourner Truth

Charisma and extemporaneous insight earned Sojourner Truth a spotlight. She didn’t only grab attention in the mid 1800’s. Her impact remains today. This is even more impressive given that Sojourner was born a slave.

Castle Clinton & SeaGlass Carousel in NYC

history 2

Castle Clinton and Seaglass Carousel are tourist magnets in Battery Park. Downtown Manhattan packs streets with historic landmarks and history lessons. But these two iconic destinations are the most popular. For good reason. They have the best stories.

The High Line – Best Outdoor Date in NYC

The-HighLine - NYC--LOVE -Sculpture - Robert Indiana

Now the High Line NYC hood means primo rents. That’s thanks to its new life as an outdoor artwalk. Celebrated artists clamor for spots in this splendorous garden gallery. It’s also the coolest outdoor date in Manhattan.

Running Works

jogging body - runners gear

Hitting the road on foot keeps me happy and sane. Running works because it’s an ingrained habit. Daily jogs clear my mind. It’s not something I think about. I just do it.