Marilyn (Vanitas) by Audrey Flack

Marilyn (Vanitas) by Audrey Flack

How did the 1977 painting Marilyn (Vanitas) help pioneer Superrealism/Photorealism?

– Time, death, and masks
– Candle in the Wind 1973 & 1977
– A real woman lost long ago

Migrant Mother, Nipomo Valley

Migrant-Mother, Nipomo Valley, Dorothea Lange

Why’s the Migrant Mother photograph by Dorothea Lange so iconic?

– Defining the Great Depression
– Strength, vulnerability, and shame in Migrant Mother
– Assistance …and then regret

M-Maybe (A Girl’s Picture) by Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein - M-maybe (A Girl's Picture)

Learn more about the painting M-Maybe (A Girl’s Picture):

• Lichtenstein’s use of newspaper comics-style technique.
• Representation and commentary in Pop Art.
• Frequently Asked Questions like, “What is M-Maybe (A Girl’s Picture) worth?”

Vaulting by Susan Rothenberg

Vaulting-by- Susan- Rothenberg

This evaluation of Susan Rothenberg’s Vaulting covers these points:

• How many vaulters?
• The story of Vaulting.
• Moving movement portrait.
• Includes Frequently Asked Questions like, “How much is a Susan Rothenberg painting worth?”

Brick House – Simone Leigh – Sculptor

brickhouse Simone Leigh Brick House The Plinth High Line

A powerful woman awaits on the 10th Avenue High Line bridge – Brick House. Simone Leigh’s glorious sculpture dominates at 30th Street. Walk up the avenue and you can’t miss her. She’s mighty mighty, looming in the distance.