Stag at Sharkey’s by George Wesley Bellows


Why is Stag at Sharkey’s much more than a boxing painting? Here are a few reasons:

• Stag night & wild stags
• A thrilled, expectant arena
• George Wesley Bellows – Ashcan art star

Gray and Gold by John Rogers Cox


Fascinating insights about the Gray and Gold Painting lie ahead, including:

• John Rogers Cox: Bank Teller-Painter-Soldier-Painter
• Fences and distance in Gray and Gold
• Magic mixed with Realism
• A meticulous method

The Fight of a Tiger and a Buffalo by Henri Rousseau


This art blog on Rousseau’s The Fight of a Tiger and a Buffalo includes:

• Bottoms up bananas – reality is overrated
• Fight? What Fight?
• Rousseau’s self esteem
• Flowers and animals paired in The Fight of a Tiger and a Buffalo
• Jungle mystery

Vaulting by Susan Rothenberg

Vaulting-by- Susan- Rothenberg

This evaluation of Susan Rothenberg’s Vaulting covers these points:

• How many vaulters?
• The story of Vaulting.
• Moving movement portrait.
• Includes Frequently Asked Questions like, “How much is a Susan Rothenberg painting worth?”