Fraunces Tavern Museum Thrills

fraunces tavern museum george washington farewell speech troops

American History resonates throughout Fraunces Tavern. Sons of Liberty plotted our Revolutionary War. Then at its end, George Washington bid his troops farewell here.

Sister Wendy Beckett

sistine chapel fresco 1508-1512

Sister Wendy Beckett: art historian, star, and nun. Audio summary and insightful analysis on this art history icon

Alice Austen House Museum

beach view alice austen backyard staten island

Iconoclast Alice Austen captured her world with a keen photographer’s eye. Ahead of her time, Austen started taking pictures at only ten years old. Lucky for us, she never stopped.

Talk Smart About Art

Art - Painting

Art is everywhere. But appreciating it takes thought and time. That means looking up from the phone and away from the screen… at least some of the time.