Migrant Mother, Nipomo Valley

Migrant-Mother, Nipomo Valley, Dorothea Lange

Why’s the Migrant Mother photograph by Dorothea Lange so iconic?

– Defining the Great Depression
– Strength, vulnerability, and shame in Migrant Mother
– Assistance …and then regret

Brick House – Simone Leigh – Sculptor

brickhouse Simone Leigh Brick House The Plinth High Line

A powerful woman awaits on the 10th Avenue High Line bridge – Brick House. Simone Leigh’s glorious sculpture dominates at 30th Street. Walk up the avenue and you can’t miss her. She’s mighty mighty, looming in the distance.

Louise Bourgeois – Feminist, Fun & First in the Art World

Louise Bourgeois

A complex woman with a vision, Louise Bourgeois turned anxiety into art. Her work provoked audiences. She channeled emotions into her pieces to jolt us awake. Good or bad, Bourgeois makes us feel things. That’s the gift of her sculptures, installations, paintings, and drawings.

Federico Clapis – Italian Sculptor

Frederico Clapis welcome sculpture baby mat water

Former YouTube star, and Instagram maestro, Federico Clapis knows technology and taboo. It shows in his work. Thus, my love for artist Federico Clapis – Italian Sculptor. His babies aren’t the polished perfection of society’s status quo. They sit inside stretched bellies.

Randi Matushevitz – Ugly Portraits

Ugly Portraits beyond ugly - Rough Night

Los Angeles painter, Randi Matushevitz reminds us badass babes are ageless. Her Ugly Portraits thrill me in a world buried behind cuteness filters. She creates these glorious messes with charcoal, pastel and spray paint.

Screaming Medusa by Sculptor & Legend Michael Malpass

Michael Malpass - Screaming Medusa Sculpture

Michael Malpass artwork exemplifies many complex themes. His pieces often wrap significant details into sculptural spheres. For instance, Screaming Medusa stands out among his thematic works. It’s a powerful shriek of a sculpture.