The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

The-Dinner-Party-Exhibit - Judy chicago

Iconoclast Judy Chicago changed women’s history. In a way, she forged a path for it. Her grand 1975 masterwork The Dinner Party still speaks volumes. It moves us with women’s accomplishments in history. A trio of long tables unite. Clad in white tablecloths, they set a stage.

Duken Delpe – Sculptor & Painter

Duken Delpe

Computers often provide the paint brush for Duken Delpe art; as they do in everyday life. He knows their workings well. So, Duken uses each piece in his work with insight. The deeper you look into his art, the more intricate and outstanding it becomes.

Mario Gonzales – Street Artist

Holly Park by Mario Gonzalez

Mario Gonzales paints monsters and men. Famous for his tagline When it Reigns, I’m Poor, Mario makes art that speaks to the city..

WaterColor by Antonio

Watercolor by Antonio lifts and lightens figures with his work. There’s profound depth as well. Strong lines and archetypal themes ground the work.