Burger Lobster Flatiron Restaurant Review

Burger Lobster Flatiron gives surf and turf a fun family feeling with a refined touch. Friendly, yummy, and affordable. Non-vegans will have a blast. Speedy service and a delightful atmosphere also ensure a comfortable meal. Not a sponsored post. This was a happy way to celebrate Easter 2019

Burger Lobster
Their Burger with a Lobster Claw = Delicious

Truffle Fries Make Kids Happy

New York City means luxury. That includes family fare. One of the greatest challenges in raising kids is getting them to eat. I’ve heard all the friends, books, and news stories claiming any kid can be a good eater. It’s a matter of giving them choices. Offer healthy options. These advice bits circle my mind over and over. Still, my kids eat only when starving to death. That can make meal planning a challenge.

That’s why eating out can be so glorious. This is most true at Burger & Lobster Flatiron. It’s indulgent for the kids. But even more so for me. I love to watch them dig in to truffle fries and lobster mac and cheese. These are dishes they adore. They’re also dishes I’ll never make. Funny thing, though. I learn from these dishes.

For instance, I saw my kids scarf down truffle fries. So, now I know truffles add flavor they love. This is especially true to plain carbs. That means things like pasta, bread, and potatoes. This may seem silly. After all, it’s not a challenge to get a child to eat bread and the like. But that scent of truffle oil, a dash will do it, can tempt a kid to eat down to it. For instance, I’ll add truffle oil to rice with a slab of broiled fish on top. That fish is more likely eaten as a result.

I find primo ideas like this one at cool restaurants like Burger & Lobster. Chowing down is the best classroom environment I know. But this place is fantastic for many other reasons as well.

Friendly Restaurants Like Burger & Lobster Flatiron are Best

Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review

I’m no gourmand when it comes to food but I am a connoisseur of NYC bathrooms. That’s why the restroom at Burger & Lobster Flatiron was such a thrill for me. From custom wallpaper to lobster traps lining the way, it’s fantastic. Check out this silver on black lobster wallpaper! It has Flatiron buildings and burgers on it too. Sure, it’s a small thing but it makes peeing extra special.

Theme restaurants aren’t my bag. But this place actually serves burgers and lobsters. They’re in the Flatiron district. So, it’s not a theme so much as a logical outcome. Also, it’s so classy and clean. The place feels bright and cheerful. Servers are a delight. Bright red booths bring comfort and fun. This place wrote the family friendly handbook. Best part is, kid age doesn’t matter. Everybody loves Burger & Lobster Flatiron. At least everyone that was there during my visit.

Whenever it’s family eats time in NYC, this is a perfect place to share a meal. It’s casual enough to play a card game while you wait for food (we did). But the vibe is chic too. That makes it feel like an event. Bring the gang and have a blast!