Fur Traders Descending the Missouri by George Bingham

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri by George Bingham

us that romanticism comes in many forms. This painting dwells in one of my lifelong pet peeves. The romanticisation of hard work, especially physical labor bugs me. This irritating practice shows up in all aspects of life – even art.

Approaching Storm by Eugène Boudin

Approaching Storm by Eugene Boudin

Nature versus Man whips like wind through the painting Approaching Storm. Eugène Boudin often painted the moneyed and middle class. Their fancy finery struck a wry contrast with Mother Nature.

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

The-Dinner-Party-Exhibit - Judy chicago

Iconoclast Judy Chicago changed women’s history. In a way, she forged a path for it. Her grand 1975 masterwork The Dinner Party still speaks volumes. It moves us with women’s accomplishments in history. A trio of long tables unite. Clad in white tablecloths, they set a stage.

Apollo and Daphne by Antonio Pollaiuolo

Antonio Pollaiuolo - Apollo_and_Daphne

What twists await in the Apollo and Daphne painting?

• The God Apollo’s Me Too moment.
• Daphne prefers life as a tree over Apollo’s advances.
• In Apollo and Daphne – her choice is everything.

Death of Marat – Jacques-Louis David


Death of Marat by Jacques Louis David proves that Masterpieces have baggage too. This well-known piece speaks to us from the French Revolution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t speak the truth. Marat was a friend and ally to David. So, Jacques shone a light on their shared ideals in his death portrayal painting.