Alice Austen House Museum

beach view alice austen backyard staten island

Iconoclast Alice Austen captured her world with a keen photographer’s eye. Ahead of her time, Austen started taking pictures at only ten years old. Lucky for us, she never stopped.

Michelle Albala Makes Sexy Art

Michelle Albala - Sleeping Beauty - Clay Glaze sculpture

Artist Michelle Albala grew up in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Florence, and California. She started making sexy art in NYC after art school. Then Michelle found a new inspiration in Tahitian pearls and African gems. Thus, she now also creates fine jewelry as wearable art.

The High Line – Best Outdoor Date in NYC

The-HighLine - NYC--LOVE -Sculpture - Robert Indiana

Now the High Line NYC hood means primo rents. That’s thanks to its new life as an outdoor artwalk. Celebrated artists clamor for spots in this splendorous garden gallery. It’s also the coolest outdoor date in Manhattan.