Michelle Albala Makes Sexy Art

Artist Michelle Albala grew up in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Florence, and California. She started making sexy art in NYC after art school. Then Michelle found a new inspiration in Tahitian pearls and African gems. Thus, she now also creates fine jewelry as wearable art.

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Like her work in painting, sculpture, and adornment, Alabala’s easy to love. That’s partially because American painter, Michelle’s a citizen of the world. She’s traveled more than 35 countries. Her artwork and exquisite jewelry spotlight her engaging and fun personality.

Sleeping Beauty Unfiltered

My favorite piece of Michelle’s represents step one of her creative process. It’s part of a painting study. But so emotive, sensual, and real… I can’t look away. She’s calls it Sleeping Beauty. To me, this figure holds so much more than any Disney Princess could. Raw, confident, and reclined, the sculpture speaks of self love and personal power. Made of merely clay and glaze, this is very much a woman. She’s unfiltered sensuality without even the slightest effort. That’s the truth of how beauty works outside the art world too. It’s effortless if it’s real.

This sculpture seems to resonate fortitude in her sleep. Such strength while relaxing seems possible only in our dreams. Still, even with inherent prowess, this clay figure isn’t the dynamic final portrait. Michelle’s painted women are fierce, coiled cobras. They writhe and spout like fountains of color and shape. Sleeping Beauty merely lies in repose. That’s because she’s just the first step in Albala’s artistic process. Still, I adore her genuine and mellow feel. Looking at her feels like watching a true woman. She’s so lovely.

Painted Ladies = Sexy Art

Michelle Albala - Pink Lady - Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper Canvas
Michelle Albala

Michelle Alabala’s Pink Lady twists and turns the female form. She used a model to create her vision. Then Michelle warped her sitter’s body shapes. Some shift into robot-like parts. Others gain sensuality with charged expressions of breasts and gyrating hips. Thus, Pink Lady‘s a little bit freaky. There’s a certain fun element to her. It’s the unexpected frivolity in Michelle’s portrayal. She plays in her paintings. The modeling prep work has set the stage for a party. Albala abandons the rules and lets the art take over. Her Pink Lady runs the show. That’s what makes this sexy art. It’s full of surprises and thrills – a romp. In fact, this artist’s always a bit uncontained. She prefers squiggly lines to straight and loose to tight.

This work combines charcoal and acrylic on paper canvas. It’s a popular art mode these days. That may be because it’s less traditional and a more textural presentation. Stretched canvas is easier to display, sure. But it’s also old school and sometimes feels monotonous. Michelle Albala loves to use mixed media. So, she’ll often paste pictures or newspaper into her work or blend charcoal and pastels with paint. Paper’s better suited for this.

She cuts the final work’s frame uneven on purpose. It sets the viewer a bit on edge and forces a head tilt. Art that makes you look again like this has an impact that lasts. Paper’s also more delicate. That brings up the vulnerable sense of Albala’s work. These pieces are undeniably feminine. They are strong, sometimes strange, and sexy. But most of all, female.

Michelle Albala Gives Goddess Feels

The Goddess - Acrylic and Charcoal on Paint Canvas - Michelle Albala

The Goddess, above, sets an exquisite example of Albala’s Sexy Art. Her works bring out the goddess in all of us. This one’s flowing with wild hues and movement. Her breasts are multi-colored whirls astride that unforgettable face. It feels like a carnival. But it’s just a women. We’ve all met ladies like this. They know where to find all the parties. They’re unpredictable. It’s thanks to them that we get goddess feels. That’s because these women love themselves. They’re fun and bring the light. It sets an example for living like a goddess. Let’s tap into this celestial woman inside. We’ve all got one.

Michelle Albala taps into hers with this painting and also with her jewelry. In fact, she’s often inspired to create gem pieces from a painting. Below is a fine example. Albala uses layers of texture in her art to arouse various emotions and highlight shapes. This textural play inspired her to add ridges into jewelry pieces as well. It adds a rich freshness to her rings and bracelets. They feel classic with a refresh. Check out the ring below for an example. Michelle poses the ring next to the painting that inspired it. Visit her website – https://www.shophq.com/b/jewelry/michelle-albala – for more gorgeous jewelry. You just might may find a wearable work of art and your very own goddess feels.

Albala texture ring gold and red ruby with diamonds