Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer

Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer

What makes Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer such an iconic painting?

– Monster in the middle
– Stettheimer as cultural iconoclast
– Bouquets as trademark – an outsider inside

Untitled Film Still 35 – Cindy Sherman

Untitled-Film-Still-35 - Cindy Sherman

Why does Cindy Sherman’s photograph Untitled Film Still 35 looks so familiar?

– Soft core porn set the rules

– Stereotypes beware Cindy Sherman’s face

– Setting the stage for ankles in Untitled Film Still 35

80 Backs by Magdalena Abakanowicz

80 Backs

What’s the significance of the Magdalena Abakanowicz sculpture 80 Backs?

– Sacred space
– Different figures – all with the same form
– 80 Backs and zero heads

Object – Luncheon in Fur by Meret Oppenheim

Object- Luncheon in Fur--Meret-Oppenheim

How did the sculpture Object – Luncheon in Fur impact the art world?

– The MOMA’s broken glass ceiling
– Object – Luncheon in Fur: a rarity among men
– Give that lady a break (for a decade)