Does CBD Oil Cure Pain?

Running races brings joy but sometimes aches and pains too. Kick ’em out! CBD oil is the pain cure people buzz about. But does CBD oil cure pain?

CBD Oil Cure Pain – Buzz or Best?

Here are my natural pain relief solutions. There’s no good reason to endure discomfort if you need not. It’s no badge of honor. There are no medals. It’s just you in unnecessary pain – nothing more.

It’s troubling to read about the current opioid epidemic. This tragedy isn’t measured only in the number dead. There’s also a devastating fact. So many millions suffer with pain. I’ve endured a bit with childbirth and marathons behind me. But I abhor pharmaceuticals. I throw them away – unopened. Turns out that makes me one of the lucky ones. I’ve found other ways to manage pain. My methods are effective, natural, and easy. Some better than others… but all bring relief. CBD oil works best.

Train and Use CBD Oil to Cure Pain

The best way to train is slow and steady. I’ve always been more tortoise than hare. That may be because I grew up running long distances. It’s also my personality. Things take me a long time. I’m tolerant. This has blessed me in pain relief. Sometimes during a run I get a cramp or an ache. But I know from forty years running experience, it will pass. Keep going. These tiny lessons prepared me for the big guns – like marathon cramps. That’s because I have those memories locked in. I know it will pass. All I have to do is get my mind off it and I’ll be fine.

It’s a different sort of pain from real life. There’s nothing chronic about it. It’s temporary during a race. The finish line will feel so exhilarating, it’ll go away. I know the race has this endpoint. Get to that place and it’s over. When I’m forced to feel pain in a race that’s where my mind goes. In fact, I tell myself all sorts of crazy things to get to the end. You never have to do this again! This is the last time you ever have to feel this way! Cross the finish line and it’s your final race!

CBD Oil Cure Pain


This sign above hangs on Pier 40. It’s set to fend runners away from a particular area – a nicer way to say “keep out”. But I take it as encouragement. I see it and think. You can do it! That’s because it puts a spark in my step. I’m sharing this mental stuff because it’s important to point out how much pain can be mental. Our minds are powerful. Think of a time when you had a terrific urge to pee. Full bladder and a faraway bathroom make for a fun adventure. Right? It’s a mental challenge getting to that bathroom in time. Pain is the same way. You can get there. Think your way to relief. It just takes practice.

Pain Relief Tactics

Of course, nobody can think their way through all pain. It’s a wretched nag at times. Other times it’s agony. Because I’m a runner, I live with lots of leg pain. Swimming knots up my shoulders and back. I also take a class Arms, Abs & Assets. It kicks my assets so I’m sore for days. There’s no way to think out of these things on a permanent basis. Full blown every day life isn’t a race. Thank goodness. Who needs that kinda pressure? Mental strength helps my aches and pains. But it’s no cure for chronic injury.

CBD Oil Cure Pain

I’m grateful that non-prescription pain relief has hit the mainstream. CBD oil has changed my attitude about pain relief. Before CBD I was more of a grin-and-bear-it girl. I had pain. But I sucked it up most of the time. Then I had a back injury in the Fall of 2018.

Every year I like to do a half marathon in October. Sometimes in Brooklyn. Other times it’s Queens. But always in the Fall. A half marathon is 13.1 miles. My favorite runs are long. This is my wheelhouse. Also, it feels terrific racing in the middle of the street. That’s because on the sidelines people cheer. Some wear thrilling costumes. They hold funny or encouraging signs. Don’t Crap Your Pants, Karen! is my personal favorite. The road is all yours. It’s exhilarating joy.

Back Pain Can’t Beat Me

But in the Fall of 2018 my wretched back pain worried me. I feared weakness. What if it held me back? This race meant a lot to me. I was willing to try new things so I could race the marathon. It opened me to options. Friends recommended massage, acupuncture, and CBD oil. I got excited to try them. In my experience, I’d only used epsom soaks and napping. Truth is, those are still my two favorite things. I love a long soak in epsom salt scalding bathwater.

Napping = The G.O.A.T

And napping is my closest, dearest, oldest buddy. During my peak years in advertising I worked 80+ hours a week. The office became more like a home. One of the ways I found solace was napping under my desk. This would be less embarrassing to admit if I’d had an office. I didn’t. We were a hip, young brand consultancy and sat in an open forum. That means I had a quarter cubicle. I napped in public. Everybody saw but I was too exhausted to care. All it takes is 20 minutes and I’m refreshed.

My newest pain relief pal is CBD oil. Please note, this post is 100% unsponsored. Just real talk. I tried 10+ kinds of CBD oil and this is my conclusion.

Did CBD Oil Cure My Pain?

CBD oil works. My writing jobs are all about research. So, I did a thorough background check on this stuff before putting it in my body. I’m real picky about what I put in there. As a next step, I tried a few kinds of CBD. Then I found my favorite. It’s pictured above – Kushy. Yes, this one’s vape oil. But I’m not into vaping. Instead I take a dab on a finger and then put it under my tongue to dissolve.

. Yes, this one’s vape oil. But I’m not into vaping. Instead I take a dab on a finger and then put it under my tongue to dissolve.

Kushy CBD Did the Job

One of the great things about the Kushy brand is their delivery system. It measures the amount with precision. So, I know exactly how much I’m using. Also, this is the strongest CBD I’ve tried. It IS pricey. But Kushy is the most effective brand in my experience. That’s because I use very little and it works fast. In fact, that plunger pictured above I’ve already used six times. Look how much is still in there! I’ll get many more uses out of it. This plunger costs $60. It’s powerful pain reliever and all natural.

I have no side effects with this CBD oil, only positives. But it does smell a bit like pot. So, your breath may resonate essence of Snoop Dogg for an hour or so. But, hey, you feel no pain. Everything has a price. I buy my Kushy online and it usually ships to me within a few days. It’s powerful stuff. You won’t need much. Give it a shot. You haven’t got time for that pain, baby.