How to Have the Best Day Ever

If only every day could be the best day ever. I could be a hero. You could smile because of me. We would promise to be friends forever. Our lives would have renewed purpose. These are the best days ever. But they’re the best because they can’t happen every day. They stand out – special.

Best Day Ever Boosts

Compliments are always a great boost but you can’t force them. That’s why I often find it more fulfilling to shut the hell up and write. Here’s an example from my Instagram. I pulled out some chalk from the days of yore and hit the streets. Well, the sidewalks, actually. First, I hit the bus stop with my favorite color – purple. What do we need most while waiting? Patience.

Best Day Ever - Patience at the Bus Stop
Best Day Ever – Patience at the Bus Stop

Most of the time I’m a cheerful weirdo. Cheery to a fault – that’s me. But it’s all real. I don’t know why I’m this way. All I know is that it can drive others crazy, especially cranky others. So, I try to lessen this effect. Thus, the anonymity. Writing on the sidewalk talks to strangers. I write boosters and draw hearts but nobody knows it was me. It’s my own pathetic version of espionage. My dearest wish is that it makes somebody smile.

But no matter if it does or not, this helps me have the best day. Giving has this impact. It cheers people up on both sides of the equation. After all, I learned this from friends who did the same with me. It’s the perfect way to learn boosts for best days. Pass on the best stuff and see for yourself.

This is cheater’s justice. The bad actor got a bad outcome. That was the direct result of what he did; not what he intended. Anyone can do this. You don’t need to be cheerful to do it. But it will make you smile when you do.

Making it the best day ever isn’t always about what we’re given. Like they say in Kindergarten, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset”. It’s not about what life hands us. It’s how we handle it. Some of the happiest and coolest people have struggled the most. They are my favorite people. Living in NYC has challenges. It can get people down. Cranks can arise like condors swooping into our space. They can strike at any time. But you don’t have to let crank asses affect you or even dim your light.

After all, flowers poke through both fresh grass and poo. So can you. Sun shines. Buds bloom. So can your mood. Ignore the haters, baby. Let the light shine through. Good morning lives inside you. Share it and pass it on.

Sometimes the sharing can even come first. I’ve taken myself from sad sack to happy pants by giving. It doesn’t work every time. But when it works, it makes all the times (even those epic fails) worthwhile. Find your own way to have the best day ever. Our own special way is always the best.