Saying Yes Works

Opportunities come to those who say “Yes”. That’s how saying yes works. It’s not because of positivity. That’s just a buzzword – like “realness”. Saying yes works much harder than these tropes. It’s active. Want actual results? Say, “Yes”. 

I’ve lived in New York City since 1994. So, I’ve befriended all sorts of fascinating people. Those I love the most are artists, writers, and comedians. In fact, one of my favorite people, Mary Houlihan, does all three. We met in writing class a few years ago. That’s when I first found her intriguing and fun. I’m thrilled that she’s been conquering a multitude of universes since then.

Our friendship stays alive because we’re both YES people. I asked her to write a TV pilot with me. Mary said “Yes”. We wrote it in a flash together. Friendship ensued. Recently, she asked my daughter and me to do bits in her latest project CEO SKYSCRAPER. So, here’s the result posted below. We have tiny parts in Mary’s wacky fun fest web series. See how saying “Yes” works? I’m not pursuing a career as an actress. Neither is my daughter. But we had a total blast. Turns out, it’s showing up prepared that matters most. Be ready to go on cue. Literally. 


How Saying “Yes” Works

My daughter and I had the most fantastic time shooting these tiny scenes. She got to be cranky and I got to play crazy. What’s radder than that? Both of us were in roles pretty opposite our true selves. That made it more fun and kinda easier too. Neither of us thought about it too much. It’s better that way.

All we had to do was be ready. I’m good at that. When you listen to what people want and prepare to deliver it, your world gets bigger and blossoms. The best part about saying “Yes”? – It takes you somewhere new. You don’t need to plan anything. Go with the flow of whoever asked you. Let them lead the way. After all, they want it more. They’re the one who asked.

Learning lines on the subway ride to the studio felt fun. We showed up at the time on the call sheet emailed the day before. Then we greeted Mary, met some cool people, and shot our scenes. It all took less than an hour. The whole thing was simple breezy goodness. Now we have a fun video on YouTube to remind us of that festive afternoon in a Brooklyn film studio. Saying “Yes” can lead into all sorts of escapades – even uncharted boroughs of opportunity – like Brooklyn.

Saying Yes Makes Work Fun

I love Mary not only because she’s a comedian, writer, and artist. She’s also one of those gregarious people with grit. You know the type. They face challenges. She somersaults through them, in fact. That’s where the fun begins. It’s trendy these days to talk about being “real”. Sure thing… but if you have to point out your realness, it’s probably a crock.

Another trend tells us to focus on the positive. But happiness in all things is easier than these meaningless buzzwords. It takes active and interested people to make work enjoyable. That’s all. Find friends and coworkers that light you up inside. If you have the right person with you, it’s pretty easy to enjoy yourself. Don’t let nerves or fear hold you back. Go ahead and shine.

Nobody needs a mindless bobble head. I’m not into “Yes” men who agree with everything to avoid conflict at any cost. If you’re indifferent, keep walking, baby. I’m not interested. Don’t care? See ya later. I’m interested in those who are interested. We ALL are. That’s what makes people interesting. They’re living full blast.

Give it your heart. Be direct. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That means when you say, “Yes” give it all you got. Back it up with action. Throw yourself into it. This brand of YES is all about gusto. Go for it! Live a little. Believe in your potential to succeed. Say “Yes” next time an offer arises and see how it works for you.