Self Portrait 1 by Joan Miró (1937-1938)

Self Portrait 1 by Joan Miró

A pastel confection, Self Portrait 1 by Joan Miró gives us a glimpse into the master’s psyche. Miró created a semblance of himself with pencil, pastel, and a bit of oil paint. But it stands out among other self portraits thanks to Miró’s constellation imagery, symbolism, and exaggeration. A Catalan artist native to Barcelona, Miró …

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Bleu II 1961 – Joan Miro

bleu ii by Joan Miro

What makes Joan Miro’s painting Bleu II so groundbreaking in the art history canon?

– Miro breaks the Bourgeoisie’s guitar
– A red slash stops abstract traffic
– The vast, cobalt sky highlights our insignificance on Earth