The Magpie by Claude Oscar Monet

The Magpie by Claude Oscar Monet

Why was Monet’s painting, The Magpie controversial when it was introduced?

– Shadows in color
– Shifting emotions traverse a – snowscape
– Observing the scene from a magpie’s perch

Saint George (in the Forest) by Albrecht Altdorfer

Saint George Albrecht Altdorfer

What is different about the Saint George Albrecht Altdorfer portrays in his masterpiece?

– Teutonic tales vs. Roman stories
– Loneliness, relief, and looming trees
– Humility and a fresh take on victory

The Jungle by Wifredo Lam

The-Jungle by Wifredo Lam

Why is The Jungle by Wifredo Lam considered a Cubist masterpiece?

Hybrid creatures – animal, human & plant
A totem-tall woman with shears takes the blame
Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism in the back seat

New York Night – Georgia O’Keeffe

New-York-Night - Georgia O'Keeffe

What makes New York Night by Georgia O’Keeffe such a special painting?

– Glimmering window panes
– The machine age and Precisionism
– An avant-garde squad