The Jungle by Wifredo Lam

The-Jungle by Wifredo Lam

Why is The Jungle by Wifredo Lam considered a Cubist masterpiece?

Hybrid creatures – animal, human & plant
A totem-tall woman with shears takes the blame
Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism in the back seat

New York Night – Georgia O’Keeffe

New-York-Night - Georgia O'Keeffe

What makes New York Night by Georgia O’Keeffe such a special painting?

– Glimmering window panes
– The machine age and Precisionism
– An avant-garde squad

Imaginary Numbers by Yves Tanguy

Yves Tanguy - Imaginary Numbers

What’s so special about Yves Tanguy’s painting Imaginary Numbers?

– Surrealist love bites
– Sponsored by Peggy Guggenheim
– Hopeful blobs in Imaginary Numbers
– Mother Dada and then baby Dali

The Lackawanna Valley by George Inness

The Lackawanna Valley by George Inness

This blog investigates several aspects of The Lackawanna Valley painting such as:

• Why the train?
• George Inness’s rejection
• Opposites in harmony

Gray and Gold by John Rogers Cox


Fascinating insights about the Gray and Gold Painting lie ahead, including:

• John Rogers Cox: Bank Teller-Painter-Soldier-Painter
• Fences and distance in Gray and Gold
• Magic mixed with Realism
• A meticulous method

Bonjour Monsieur Courbet by Gustave Courbet

Bonjour Monsieur Coubert

Gustave Courbet and his painting Bonjour Monsieur Courbet were kind of a big deal. Here’s why:

• Characters details in Bonjour Monsieur Courbet.
• This painting and Courbet’s giant ego.
• Courbet’s prominent landscape.
• Featuring Frequently Asked Questions like, “Why is Bonjour Monsieur Courbet (The Meeting) an important painting?”