Self Portrait 1 by Joan Miró (1937-1938)

Self Portrait 1 by Joan Miró

Podcast Version of this Post A Constellation of Imagery A pastel confection, Self Portrait 1 by Joan Miró gives us a glimpse into the master’s psyche. Miró created a semblance of himself with pencil, pastel, and a bit of oil paint. But it stands out among other self portraits thanks to Miró’s constellation imagery, symbolism, …

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Cadeau (The Gift) Sculpture by Man Ray

Cadeau (The-Gift) sculpture by Man Ray

What makes Man Ray’s sculpture Cadeau (The Gift) so special?

– Mass production, war, and Dada
– Poking at prevalent perspective
– Multiple copies of a stolen masterpiece make its point

Object – Luncheon in Fur by Meret Oppenheim

Object- Luncheon in Fur--Meret-Oppenheim

How did the sculpture Object – Luncheon in Fur impact the art world?

– The MOMA’s broken glass ceiling
– Object – Luncheon in Fur: a rarity among men
– Give that lady a break (for a decade)