Best Puffy Eyes Fixes

We’ve all got baggage. In fact, I often wake up with mine under my eyes. Eye bags! How to get rid of those swollen puffy eyes? Here are a few remedies for your swollen peepers. Carry your bags in hand. Not on your face!

Puffy Eyes – No Prize

Everybody struggles with occasional puffy eyes. Common culprits are salty food, soup, booze, or hormones. In those cases dehydration may be the reason. But no matter the cause for fluid bags under my eyes, I want to de-puff asap. When it happens, I wake up and groan in the mirror. Wish I could invest in flattering lighting for the bathroom.

But I’ve got real life stuff to budget for – like salty soup and booze. So, I’ve got those typical blazing lights in my bathroom that force me to face the fact. I’ve got puffy eyes. Luckily, my long history of swollen peepers means I’ve tried all the tricks and tips already. So, I can cut right to what works and share it with you.


Best Puffy Eyes Topical Fix

There are many de-puffing solutions; from cucumber slices to ice packs. Some work better than others. Cold compresses don’t have much impact on my particular peepers. But I found a de-puff eye gel that works for me. It’s better on this particular job than any other remedy. This isn’t a sponsored post. I’m just sharing and caring, baby. So, if I had to pick one, this would be my soulmate remedy. It’s Baebody Eye Gel, inexpensive compared to most eye products with actual impact. Of course, there are hundreds of options but I love the lightness and quick results I get with this.

When I start my day with puffy eyes, this gel is usually all I need to reduce swelling and get on the move. In fact, a little goes a long way. The package suits the product, delivering the perfect amount in every push.


Sinus & Allergy Puffy Eyes Solution

Of course, sometimes the puffery is out of hand due to other factors. Especially during allergy season my sinus clogs. This often leads to puffy eyes. That means I need to address the underlying problem. My BAE gel isn’t going to suffice at times like this. Funny thing, how one person or product can’t meet all our needs. It takes a village indeed. Luckily there are lots of practices that work wonders for seasonal sinus inflammation. My preference is the Neti pot.


Neti Pots Provide Puffy Eyes Relief

Neti Pots are inexpensive, drug-free, and easy to use. In fact, it feels refreshing and cleansing once you get used to the weirdness. It’s simple. You flush warm water through your nostrils using a handy porcelain pot. It looks a bit like a tiny tea pot. There are lots of handy directions included with any Neti Pot you buy and simple is better. So, make sure not to fall for any gimmicks. The most basic pot will work as well as a bedazzled for ten times the money.

“Special cleansing salts” are available too. But the truth is you can add a bit of regular sea salt to warm water to get the same effect. Best of all, once you’ve got the technique down, you can flush in a flash and feel relief fast. I find tilting my head so I’m looking at the sink drain works wonders at getting my head in the perfect position. Give it a shot with a Neti Pot. It helps puffy eyes. See if it helps flush your allergy issues away too. Works for me.

Puffy Eyes

Gold Eye Masks Combat Puffy Eyes

An eye mask can work tricks in a few minutes to combat a particularly puffy situation fast and easy. I discovered these golden treasures after a quick google search. In fact, first I saw celebrities wearing them on a reality TV show and that’s what prompted the search. I’m always grateful to for their customer reviews. They serve as a shortcut to de-puffery thanks to the goodwill of my fellow puffy people. These gold Baggage Claim Eye Masks by Wander Beauty came five star recommended. Out of the package they seem a bit slimy but they’re also potent and quick. I love what they do for me!

I slip into these eye masks when I most want a speedy and luxurious solution. Lazy days are best for this. They’re so easy and that’s perfect when I’m feeling breezy. I place each gold moonbeam under my lower eyelashes and hit the coffee maker. No need to mess around with more complicated solutions. After all, simple is a relief on days like this. You can see for yourself in the video below; it only takes a second to place them.

The masks stay put too. So, you can get dressed while they work magic on your swollen eyes. Wash your hands and face before taking the eye masks out of the package. That way nothing gets between your skin and the magical golden elixir. Also, pat your face dry with a gentle touch. This preps a perfect setting for the Baggage Claim beauties to ease your puffy peepers.

Wander Beauty uses real gold foil in this product. The eye masks also contain pure aloe as a primary main ingredient. Aloe derives direct from plants. It’s one of the most gentle, healing, and all natural moisturizers you can find on the planet. Not only that, but these eye mask beauties are free of parabens, mineral oil, and phthalates. Best of all, it only takes about 15 or 20 minutes for Baggage Claim Eye Masks to conquer your eye bags. Beauty solutions don’t have to hurt or worry us. Sometimes all they do is help.

Here’s one last eye mask tip that’s true for every type. You can make them ever more effective! Keep them in the fridge door. That way the half moon masks cool inflamed eyes. It feels good and delivers healing serum into your skin. This chill process helps soothe tired, swollen, and even sore puffs to the ultimate degree. Your revitalized eyes are all the more lovely after this beauty boost.

Fillers May Be Worth a Shot

Other times we may need a more serious puffy eyes solution. Luckily, these days it’s easy and convenient to consult a pro. That’s because you don’t need to go to extremes and see a plastic surgeon. A beauty clinic can do wonders. Small private businesses like these provide laser and injectable aesthetic treatments. Good ones have a doctor and nurses on staff. It’s not for everyone, of course, but for some of us with a puffy eye genetic predisposition, this may be the only true fix.

Nothing is forever, of course. Even plastic surgery wears off as a person ages because gravity and time are powerful forces. But filler injections around the eye can make a world of difference for de-puffing. Injectables work because they boost the surrounding orbital area, thus disguising the puffery. Filling in the area around puffy eyes also creates the illusion of high cheekbones.

Fillers carry a wide range of pricing. But Groupons are plentiful in this category. Also, Groupon has a useful customer rating system. This can help you choose the right place to try. For instance, you can see if there’s a doctor in the house.

Injectables may last up to a year or sometimes a bit less – six months on the low end. Either way, injectables are a longer lasting method than most. Also, once you get the injection you’re done; there’s no more effort or maintenance. So, if you’ve tried everything else, and remain unsatisfied, injections may be worth a shot. I know many who found their favorite puffy eye solution in fillers.