Best Runners Winter Gear That Works

True runners hit the road on even the coldest Winter days. That’s why you need primo Winter running gear to keep your training on track. Thank goodness for Tracksmith NDO insulated tights. NDO stands for No Days Off. That’s because in these pants you’ll run no matter how cold it gets. Not a sponsored post. I’m a true believer in all that lies below, baby.

Tracksmith NDO Insulated Tights _ Top Winter Gear

These are incredible running pants for winter. Winter running gear doesn’t get better. Tracksmith calls them NDO Tights with NDO standing for “No Days Off”. They kickstart cold weather runs. Also, don’t take the whole NDO thing literally. It means be consistent and make sure that every day you make a conscious decision to do what’s right for your body. Most days that means working out but sometimes it’s about rest and recovery. Listen to your gut, or if your gut is hanging out over your pants, maybe listen to your trainer.

Winter Gear Best = No Bulk

Speaking of unflattering body parts, that was my biggest fear about the insulated pants – bulk. When it comes to winter gear, warmer usually means less flattering, am I right? Luckily, that assumption gets less and less true as winter-wear technology improves. These Tracksmith NDO running tights are proof positive. It takes some work to get them on because they are super fitted but the bonus is – they suck you in like a dream.

At first, I was hesitant to spend this much money on a pair of running pants – about $150. But after enough brutal miles in sub-zero temps, I shelled out the dough to give them a whirl. So glad I did. Not only do Trackmith NDO tights fit fantastic, they work well. I can run my fastest without worry. If there are any issues with extra fabric at the waist, you can turn over the waistband for a perfect fit. Best part is they stretch the right amount to flatter your form.

Winter Gear Tracksmith NDO

Not Stretching? Join Me for a Walk

These magical Tracksmith NDO tights keep my legs warm even on a sweat-soaked cool-down after hella miles. I like to take long walks after a run for two reasons. That’s because it’s a fantastic way to recover that’s gentle on tired muscles. But also, I’m not a huge stretching fan. It’s one of those things I know I should do but often let slide. In fact, every race season I tell myself I’ll stretch more but it makes me antsy.

Especially after I’ve been running I want to move more than stretching allows. So, I walk fast for awhile and it works as well as stretching for a competent cool down. In any other running pants my sweaty, post-run legs start freezing during this phase. But Tracksmith has solved this problem forever thanks to their NDO tights.

There’s only one challenge that arises with these insulated tights. The knees get a bit baggy after a long run. That’s because these stretch a bit and I’m very into lifting my knees when running. So, they’d been flexing quite a bit for an hour or so and knees tend to stretch out a bit under such conditions. Try raising your knees a bit higher on your next run and I guarantee you’ll see a faster pace when you check it. The difference is incredible.

Best thing about these pants – they wash easy and right back into shape. I throw them in the washer with all my regular stuff. Afterward I hang them up to dry and avoid the dryer. But I do that with every pair of leggings. It makes them last longer. I’m not sure it’s necessary. But I’m certain even these have hit the dryer a time or two due to my atrophied domestic muscles.

Best Winter Gear Running Gloves

Of course my body warms up running. But when the temps outside are below fifty my fingers and knuckles still get numb with cold. Not only that, they dry up like a cracked sand dune in the desert. Wish they were warm like the desert! Of course, the dryness is an easy fix with a bit of lotion or coconut oil rubbed in before I leave for my run. But wearing gloves seals the deal. I have warmer gloves for below zero temps.

But my yoga gloves are perfect finger warmers for the mid-cold range – above freezing and below 50s. These gloves are inexpensive and available all over. I get them at either my nearby Target or on Amazon super duper cheap. Truth is, they’re cheap pretty much everywhere (except at a fancy yoga studio). Don’t fall for the magic spells they cast at yoga studios! Those mats and fancy pants are also available cheaper online. Even the hemp ones. I swear.

The Top Winter Gear Feels Free

During the cold winter months I wear long sleeve race tees under my sleek NDO Tracksmith jacket. You can check me out wearing it in the video embedded above. The jersey lining keeps me warm even during a long, slow texting-like-crazy cool down. Best part is, the hood tightens around my face in rain. The material actually stays waterproof even in a downpour.

But you know what I love to wear? – Racing shirts. I don’t mean the kind you buy for $120 at Lululemon, although those are lovely if you’re dripping in gold. Thing is, I’m only dripping in sweat. So, when it comes to running shirts what feels better than free? Every locale has some sort of races and running clubs. My area favorite is NYC Runs and cool swag keeps me coming back to them race after race. It’s not the only reason, of course, but I adore their shirts. They make creative and fun logos for every race so that it’s always a fun surprise to see what awaits on race day.

Beat Race Nerves With Winter Gear

There’s a gratifying distraction in a cute shirt on race day. I’m always nervous right before I hit the start line. Race day jitters are the real deal. So, a cool shirt helps veer my focus away from that ferocious heartbeat and dry mouth jitter state. Also, they’re runners shirts made to last a long time. That’s because they are a perfect advertisement for the race club. After all, fit folk wearing race shirts works registration magic. It creates a connection between the race and fitness. This winter gear keeps me comfy through my long winter runs, wicking sweat away all the while. There’s no pilling, they stay soft and somehow also stench-free.

But the thing I love the most about these shirts is how free they feel. Sure, I paid for the race. Still, I had to shell out for the registration and incredible honor of racing – right? So, the shirt is like a delightful bonus! It’s the gravy that keeps on giving winter after winter. My race shirts never wear out. I wash them like regular laundry too. No special cycle for these babies. That’s another reason I prefer them to their pricey premium alternatives.

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