How to Have the Best Day Ever

Best Day Boosts

If only every day could be the best day. I could be a hero. You could smile because of me. We would promise to be friends forever. Our lives would have renewed purpose. These are the best days.

How to Bond With a Teen

bond with your teen

You want to bond with your teen. I do too. But it’s tough at times. That’s partly because raising a teen is pure weirdness. They’re the same kid but also somehow completely different too.

Talk Smart About Art

Art - Painting

Art is everywhere. But appreciating it takes thought and time. That means looking up from the phone and away from the screen… at least some of the time.

Does CBD Oil Cure Pain?

Runner Race Recovery

Running races brings joy but sometimes aches and pains too. Kick ’em out! CBD oil is the pain cure people buzz about. But does CBD oil cure pain?