Lewis Latimer House Museum

inventor draftsman carbon filament

Lewis Latimer made history many times. From improving the lightbulb to helping Alexander Graham Bell, he’s a hero of invention and ingenuity.

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

Hessian hut cherry trees dyckman family

New Yorkers know the name Dyckman. But many aren’t aware that this notoriety started with Dyckman Farmhouse. Luckily, it endures as a vital, engaging museum in Upper Manhattan.

The Met Cloisters Museum – NYC

Cloisters Chapel Museum Washington Heights

The Met Cloisters Museum graces Upper Manhattan with art, peace, and quiet. Not a religious place, it still feels like a spiritual sanctuary. That’s thanks to the calming spaces and extraordinary art collection.

The Lott House – Brooklyn

Atrcheological Find Alyssa Loorya Museum of City of New York

The Henrick I. Lott House makes the long trek into Deep South Brooklyn well worthwhile. This 1719 home itself makes history.

Fraunces Tavern Museum Thrills

fraunces tavern museum george washington farewell speech troops

American History resonates throughout Fraunces Tavern. Sons of Liberty plotted our Revolutionary War. Then at its end, George Washington bid his troops farewell here.