The Old Stone House Brooklyn

Park Slope Brooklyn Historic House

Kid-friendly and communal, The Old Stone House breaks the House Museum mold. This historic structure keeps it real. There’s no pretension and nothing’s precious.

Van Cortlandt House Museum – Bronx

bronx historical landmark site

The Bronx holds no greater surprise than the exquisite Van Cortlandt House Museum. It’s an elegant estate – like a cake topper for the big city below.

Alice Austen House Museum

beach view alice austen backyard staten island

Iconoclast Alice Austen captured her world with a keen photographer’s eye. Ahead of her time, Austen started taking pictures at only ten years old. Lucky for us, she never stopped.

Green-Wood Cemetery – Brooklyn


The first time I visited Green-Wood Cemetery, I fell in love. It’s a Brooklyn Historical Marvel. Not only a place to honor death, there’s a lot to do and even more to learn.