The Parasol by Francisco de Goya


Contents for The Parasol painting by Goya include:

• Trapped lady and free servant
• Greenery versus greys
• Color and the duty in the Spanish royal court
• Six tiny, hopeful, leaves

The Colossus Painting by Francisco de Goya

The-Colossus by Francisco Goya

An eerie mystery permeates The Colossus by Francisco de Goya. That’s because even though we know a lot about this historic work, mastery lies in its subtle imagery. Clouds tickle the looming giant and disguise details.

Las Meninas By Diego Velázquez


The iconic Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez gives us an intimate perspective on a secret world. This portrait of Spain’s King Philip IV reveals the inner court. We see the Infanta Margarita Theresa at center. She’s surrounded with a collection of servants.