Lady With a Unicorn by Raphael (Raffaello)

Lady With a Unicorn by Raphael (Raffaello)

In this piece on Lady With a Unicorn by Raphael you’ll find answers to:

– Frequently Asked Questions including, “Who is the woman portrayed in the Lady With a Unicorn painting?”
– What do Unicorns represent?
– Why does Lady With a Unicorn have such a smudgy looking example?
– What’s the story behind Lady With a Unicorn?

Correggio’s Portrait of a Lady by Antonio Allegri

Portrait of a Lady by Antonio Allegri da Correggio

In this piece on Portrait of a Lady by Correggio I answer these questions:

• What’s the symbolism in Correggio’s Portrait of a Lady?
• Why is Portrait of a Lady a significant painting?
• Who did Correggio paint in Portrait of a Lady?

The Tempest by Italian Master, Giorgione

Tempest by Giorgione

Learn about Giorgione’s The Tempest with topics including:

• Lightning’s inherent mystery.
• Renaissance nudity in The Tempest.
• The popularity of pairs.
• Answers to Frequently Asked Questions such as, “What is the Giorgione painting The Tempest most known for?”

The Annunciation by Fra Angelico


The Annunciation portrays a critical event for Christianity. Keeping that in
mind, painter Fra Angelico uses a golden laser beam to direct viewers’ eyes. He wants us to see this scene in a super specific way. Angelico also uses rich colors, details, and lots of glorious gold.