The Elephants (1948) by Salvador Dali

The Elephants by Salvador Dali

What inspired Salvador Dali to paint The Elephants in 1948?

– An Egyptian obelisk and Italian elephant
– The nature and limits of power
– Freudian dreams in oil paint

Laocoon by El Greco

Laocoon by El Greco

What’s the story behind El Greco’s painting Laocoon?

– A Spanish Trojan War
– The vengeance of Laocoon’s broken vow
– 300 years ahead of his time

The Parasol by Francisco de Goya


Contents for The Parasol painting by Goya include:

• Trapped lady and free servant
• Greenery versus greys
• Color and the duty in the Spanish royal court
• Six tiny, hopeful, leaves

Two Women at a Window by Bartolomé Murillo

Two Women at a Window - Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Concerning Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s painting Two Women at a Window:

• How a painting from the 1600s still feels fresh and fun.
• Symbolic shutters and borders in Two Women at a Window.
• A charming bond between knowing servant and naive girl.
• Frequently Asked Questions including, “What is surprising about the painting Two Women at a Window?”

Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso

Girl-Before-Mirror-by-Pablo-Picasso Cubism Portrait

What’s the painting Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso about?

– Time and growing old in Girl Before a Mirror.
– Picasso’s lover Marie-Thérèse Walter.
– Duos like day and night or the sun and moon.

The Colossus Painting by Francisco de Goya

The-Colossus by Francisco Goya

An eerie mystery permeates The Colossus by Francisco de Goya. That’s because even though we know a lot about this historic work, mastery lies in its subtle imagery. Clouds tickle the looming giant and disguise details.