Juan de Pareja by Diego Velázquez

Juan de Pareja by Velazquez

What makes the Juan de Pareja by Diego Velázquez an important painting?

– The enslaved artist follows us with his eyes
– A lace collar tops a soldier’s ensemble
– Preparation for the Pope’s portrait

Bleu II 1961 – Joan Miro

bleu ii by Joan Miro

What makes Joan Miro’s painting Bleu II so groundbreaking in the art history canon?

– Miro breaks the Bourgeoisie’s guitar
– A red slash stops abstract traffic
– The vast, cobalt sky highlights our insignificance on Earth

The Elephants (1948) by Salvador Dali

The Elephants by Salvador Dali

What inspired Salvador Dali to paint The Elephants in 1948?

– An Egyptian obelisk and Italian elephant
– The nature and limits of power
– Freudian dreams in oil paint

Laocoon by El Greco

Laocoon by El Greco

What’s the story behind El Greco’s painting Laocoon?

– A Spanish Trojan War
– The vengeance of Laocoon’s broken vow
– 300 years ahead of his time

The Parasol by Francisco de Goya


Contents for The Parasol painting by Goya include:

• Trapped lady and free servant
• Greenery versus greys
• Color and the duty in the Spanish royal court
• Six tiny, hopeful, leaves