Cadeau (The Gift) Sculpture by Man Ray

Cadeau (The-Gift) sculpture by Man Ray

What makes Man Ray’s sculpture Cadeau (The Gift) so special?

– Mass production, war, and Dada
– Poking at prevalent perspective
– Multiple copies of a stolen masterpiece make its point

The Jungle by Wifredo Lam

The-Jungle by Wifredo Lam

Why is The Jungle by Wifredo Lam considered a Cubist masterpiece?

Hybrid creatures – animal, human & plant
A totem-tall woman with shears takes the blame
Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism in the back seat

Object – Luncheon in Fur by Meret Oppenheim

Object- Luncheon in Fur--Meret-Oppenheim

How did the sculpture Object – Luncheon in Fur impact the art world?

– The MOMA’s broken glass ceiling
– Object – Luncheon in Fur: a rarity among men
– Give that lady a break (for a decade)

Imaginary Numbers by Yves Tanguy

Yves Tanguy - Imaginary Numbers

What’s so special about Yves Tanguy’s painting Imaginary Numbers?

– Surrealist love bites
– Sponsored by Peggy Guggenheim
– Hopeful blobs in Imaginary Numbers
– Mother Dada and then baby Dali