Patriotic Demonstration by Giacomo Balla

Patriotic Demonstration by Giacomo Balla

What’s going on in Giacomo Balla’s painting Patriotic Demonstration?

– Rome rallies to join World War I
– Disembodied limbs dance across canvas
– Italian flags aflutter

Floating Angel or Güstrower Memorial

War-Monument Sculpture by Ernst Barlach

What’s the story behind Ernst Barlach’s Floating Angel sculpture?

– Twofold path to serenity
– A complex gate encircles death
– Floating Angel makes a martyr of a man

The Night by Max Beckmann

The Night-by-max-beckmann

What makes The Night by Max Beckmann a masterpiece?

– War gusto tempered by trauma
– Angularity, violence, and absurdity in The Night
– Futurist art leads into the New Objectivity

Gray and Gold by John Rogers Cox


Fascinating insights about the Gray and Gold Painting lie ahead, including:

• John Rogers Cox: Bank Teller-Painter-Soldier-Painter
• Fences and distance in Gray and Gold
• Magic mixed with Realism
• A meticulous method