Lefferts Family Farmhouse

Prospect Park Alliance Brooklyn

The initial American Lefferts in the family was a first namer, Leffert Pietersen Van Haughwout. He arrived here on the Spotted Cow ship in 1660. The journey took seventy days across the Atlantic. Thank goodness he made it and then proceeded to marry and have 14 children. Brooklyn’s better off thanks to them. That’s true today due to the Lefferts Family Farmhouse landmark in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Your Little Red Lighthouse NYC

Historic Lighthouse

‪The Little Red Lighthouse, a 40 foot wonder, saved lives along the Hudson River. In the 1800s, the river teamed with boats doing New York City business.

Pompeii Body Casts

Pompeii Casts

If the concept of Pompeii creeps you out, you should still go. We’ve all heard the tragic story of Pompeii. But misconceptions are prevalent.

Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY

Philipsburg Manor - Sleepy Hollow

Philipsburg Manor nestles beautifully in historic Sleepy Hollow, New York. It lies about a half hour train ride outside upper Manhattan. This landmark estate tour isn’t like the others.