Sister Wendy Beckett

sistine chapel fresco 1508-1512

Sister Wendy Beckett: art historian, star, and nun. Audio summary and insightful analysis on this art history icon

Saying Yes Works


Opportunities come to those who say “Yes”. That’s how saying Yes works. It’s not because of positivity. Yes works much harder than that.

How to Bond With a Teen

bond with your teen

You want to bond with your teen. I do too. But it’s tough at times. That’s partly because raising a teen is pure weirdness. They’re the same kid but also somehow completely different too.


These five Best Standup Specials are sure to make you laugh. We can all use a relaxing good time and these comedians deliver.

First Blood Movie Review

Sylvester Stallone captured our hearts with Rocky. But he gripped our souls and wouldn’t let go in his followup hit First Blood. It’s an action star origin.