The Embrace, 1917 by Egon Schiele

The Embrace 1917 by Egon Schiele

What’s so special about Egon Schiele’s 1917 painting, The Embrace?

– Starving, clinging lovers entwined
– When sick and twisted was hot
– La Bohème on canvas

Yellow Cow by Franz Marc

Yellow Cow by Franz Marc

What’s so special about the Yellow Cow painting by Franz Marc?

– Emotion + Color = Essence
– A marital bovine
– The Blue Rider German Expressionist group

Laocoon by El Greco

Laocoon by El Greco

What’s the story behind El Greco’s painting Laocoon?

– A Spanish Trojan War
– The vengeance of Laocoon’s broken vow
– 300 years ahead of his time

The Golden Fish (The Goldfish) by Paul Klee

The Golden Fish (Goldfish) by Paul Klee

In this analysis of The Golden Fish (AKA The Goldfish) I point to the following:

• The music in Klee’s painting.
• Mystery and symbolism in The Golden Fish.
• Klee’s idiosyncratic, distinctive style.

Death and Fire by Paul Klee

Death-and-Fire-1940 - Paul Klee

War and death ruled Paul Klee’s life when he painted Death and Fire. Torn asunder by World War II and a seering case of scleroderma – Klee suffered while painting this. His pain shows.