White Flag by Jasper Johns

White Flag by Jasper Johns

Learn the following about the White Flag painting by Jasper Johns:

• Is White Flag even white?
• What’s lacking and better for it.
• Johns and Rauschenberg – inspirations

The Golden Fish (The Goldfish) by Paul Klee

The Golden Fish (Goldfish) by Paul Klee

In this analysis of The Golden Fish (AKA The Goldfish) I point to the following:

• The music in Klee’s painting.
• Mystery and symbolism in The Golden Fish.
• Klee’s idiosyncratic, distinctive style.

The Mountain by Balthus

The Mountain by Balthus

The plan was for this to be part of a series about the seasons. We can get a sense of summer in the work. But once complete, it was clear this painting’s all about The Mountain.

Randi Matushevitz – Ugly Portraits

Ugly Portraits beyond ugly - Rough Night

Los Angeles painter, Randi Matushevitz reminds us badass babes are ageless. Her Ugly Portraits thrill me in a world buried behind cuteness filters. She creates these glorious messes with charcoal, pastel and spray paint.

The High Line – Best Outdoor Date in NYC

The-HighLine - NYC--LOVE -Sculpture - Robert Indiana

Now the High Line NYC hood means primo rents. That’s thanks to its new life as an outdoor artwalk. Celebrated artists clamor for spots in this splendorous garden gallery. It’s also the coolest outdoor date in Manhattan.