Woman Descending the Staircase by Gerhard Richter


Here’s a few tidbits of introduction to the painting Woman Descending the Staircase:

• Abstract Expressionist and/or Photo Realistic
• Woman Descending the Staircase – pure movement
• What’s Duchamp got to do with it?

A Princess of Saxony by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Princess of Saxony - Saxon Princess - Lucas Cranach the Elder - 1517

Find out more about the painting A Princess of Saxony such as:

• Why’s she so cranky?
• Costume or casual wear?
• The truth about children…
• Plus – Frequently Asked Questions including, “What makes A Princess of Saxony by Lucas Cranach an important painting?”

The Golden Fish (The Goldfish) by Paul Klee

The Golden Fish (Goldfish) by Paul Klee

In this analysis of The Golden Fish (AKA The Goldfish) I point to the following:

• The music in Klee’s painting.
• Mystery and symbolism in The Golden Fish.
• Klee’s idiosyncratic, distinctive style.

Death and Fire by Paul Klee

Death-and-Fire-1940 - Paul Klee

War and death ruled Paul Klee’s life when he painted Death and Fire. Torn asunder by World War II and a seering case of scleroderma – Klee suffered while painting this. His pain shows.