De Style by Kerry James Marshall


Why is Kerry James Marshall’s painting De Style so perfect for this moment?

– Where South Central LA meets the 1917 Netherlands
– Barbershop as cultural oasis
– Whimsy and gravity unite on canvas

Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps

Napoleon-Leading-the-Army-over-the-Alps-kehinde wiley

What makes Kehinde Wiley’s painting Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps a masterpiece?

– Strategic opposition in casting
– War bleeds – Africa glitters gold
– The field of power reframed

From Slavery Through Reconstruction – Aaron Douglas

From-Slavery-to-Reconstruction- Aaron-Douglas

What makes the Aaron Douglas painting From Slavery Through Reconstruction significant?

– Harlem Renaissance revival murals
– The watermarks of yesteryear teach us today
– Racism and Outcry in From Slavery Through Reconstruction

Brick House – Simone Leigh – Sculptor

brickhouse Simone Leigh Brick House The Plinth High Line

A powerful woman awaits on the 10th Avenue High Line bridge – Brick House. Simone Leigh’s glorious sculpture dominates at 30th Street. Walk up the avenue and you can’t miss her. She’s mighty mighty, looming in the distance.

Duken Delpe – Sculptor & Painter

Duken Delpe

Computers often provide the paint brush for Duken Delpe art; as they do in everyday life. He knows their workings well. So, Duken uses each piece in his work with insight. The deeper you look into his art, the more intricate and outstanding it becomes.