Young Woman with a Water Pitcher by Johannes Vermeer

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher by Johannes Vermeer

Why’s Vermeer’s painting Young Woman with a Water Pitcher such a big deal?

– Light elevates everyday tasks
– Young Woman with a Water Pitcher – the inner sanctum
– A more iconic shield than Captain America’s

Bedroom in Arles by Vincent Van Gogh

bedroom in arles vincent van gogh

Acid colors and electricity quiver through objects in Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles. With our comfortable distance, it’s a pleasure to bask in Van Gogh’s sickly greens and odd figures. After all, we aren’t stuck in his mind.

Frozen River by Hendrick Avercamp

Frozen-River---Hendrick-Avercamp-1620--landscape oil painting

Mute painter Hendrick Avercamp sings an icy opera with Frozen River. His expressions range from delight to death in this painting. Without a word spoken, Avercamp tells us a complex emotional story. It’s a dramedy.

Unconscious Rivals by Lawrence Alma Tadema

Unconscious Rivals - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Cupid’s off to the side in Alma Tadema’s painting Unconscious Rivals. That’s because love plays a mere supporting role in this portrait. But pay no attention to the title, it’s not about rivalry either. This painting celebrates friendship.