Madame de Pastoret and Her Son – Jacques Louis David


Table of Contents for art blog on Madame de Pastoret and Her Son:

• Aristocrats vs. revolutionaries
• Symbols in Madame de Pastoret and Her Son
• Working mothers of the French Revolution
• Prison, exile, and a missing needle

Louise Bourgeois – Feminist, Fun & First in the Art World

Louise Bourgeois

A complex woman with a vision, Louise Bourgeois turned anxiety into art. Her work provoked audiences. She channeled emotions into her pieces to jolt us awake. Good or bad, Bourgeois makes us feel things. That’s the gift of her sculptures, installations, paintings, and drawings.

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

The-Dinner-Party-Exhibit - Judy chicago

Iconoclast Judy Chicago changed women’s history. In a way, she forged a path for it. Her grand 1975 masterwork The Dinner Party still speaks volumes. It moves us with women’s accomplishments in history. A trio of long tables unite. Clad in white tablecloths, they set a stage.

Ms. Behavior – Nellie Bly – First & Fastest in History


A memorial to Nellie Bly awaits construction on Roosevelt Island, NYC. This was the site of her first journalistic adventure. Back then called Blackwell’s Island, this was where she spent her Ten Days in a Mad-House. It remains the most familiar and historic Nellie Bly story.