Supermarket Shopper by Duane Hanson

Supermarket Shopper by Duane Hanson

What makes Duane Hanson’s sculpture Supermarket Shopper a masterpiece?

– Desolation of spirit and a TV dinner to match
– A typical American moment stands apart
– Destroying a controversial past

80 Backs by Magdalena Abakanowicz

80 Backs

What’s the significance of the Magdalena Abakanowicz sculpture 80 Backs?

– Sacred space
– Different figures – all with the same form
– 80 Backs and zero heads

Floating Angel or Güstrower Memorial

War-Monument Sculpture by Ernst Barlach

What’s the story behind Ernst Barlach’s Floating Angel sculpture?

– Twofold path to serenity
– A complex gate encircles death
– Floating Angel makes a martyr of a man

Brick House – Simone Leigh – Sculptor

brickhouse Simone Leigh Brick House The Plinth High Line

A powerful woman awaits on the 10th Avenue High Line bridge – Brick House. Simone Leigh’s glorious sculpture dominates at 30th Street. Walk up the avenue and you can’t miss her. She’s mighty mighty, looming in the distance.